Save $, connect your phone to Wi-Fi at work, stores, anywhere you can!

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Jay Rambin No Comments

You know that ‘data plan’ that you have with your cell phone carrier? It costs money, and they don’t offer ‘unlimited’ anymore. Usually, you have 1GB or 2GB. If you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you’ll be using your data plan for everything but calls and basic texting. Email, Facebook, games, SMS, group texting, maps & navigation, vids, etc. all use up your data plan. If you’re using 2G, you can reduce it to 1G and save some money.

Often, stores, your friends and family, coffee houses, etc. have free Wi-Fi. Ask the staff if they have Wi-Fi available. Once you connect your phone to a hotspot, it will remember that hotspot and passphrase, AND automatically connect when you’re in range (your laptop and tablet do that too).

Jay Rambin
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