Make your Word & Excel docs easy for anyone to open…

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Jay Rambin No Comments

“I sent someone a document, but they can’t open it.”

This is usually because they have an older version of Word or some other word processor. But, you can save your document as a different type that will allow them to open it.

To do it just one time, choose Save As from the appropriate menu in the upper left (file or Windows button). Then drop down the list next to ‘file type’ and change it to DOC, XLS, or RTF. These are open-able by any version of the main word processors and spreadsheet apps: Word, WordPerfect, Open Office Writer, Google Docs, Excel, Calc, etc. RTF, Rich Text Format can be opened by practically any word processor known to man.

To do this all the time, reply to this blog or shoot me an email at and we’ll chat about it. It depends on your version of Word, Excel, WordPerfect, or Open Office Writer, etc.

Note that if you use an older format, you may not be able to use of the very advanced functions like charting, etc. 90% of us don’t use those functions anyway.


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