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Posted on April 7, 2015 by Jay Rambin No Comments

If you use your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your email, you may want to consider a different one or creating a second one. Here’s why:

If you use or or some other email address given to you by your ISP, you will LOSE that email if/when you ever stop using that ISP. I recommend you create a GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account. You can slowly migrate your email to that new address. First, I recommend sending an email to everyone in your contact list telling them that your email address has changed. Second, not all of the emails that you get in your old account from websites. Then, go to each of those websites, login, and change your email address. After most people have start using your new email address, you can create an auto-response for anyone who sends an email to your old address that will automatically send them a reply with the new email address. It will take some months or years (depending on how much of a hurry you’re in), to get everyone moved over. I also dont recommend disconnecting your old one until you have to. Especially since it probably isnt costing you any additional money.
I also recommend that everyone have 2 email accounts. The first would be your ‘primary’. Give that one to people and websites that you trust and want to have a relationship with. The other one is what I call a ‘dump’ account. use this email address when you have to give your address to a new company or a website that you think might sell your email address and/or send you spam.



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